04 May

Bye Bye Uncorked, Hello Savour Academy Barcelona!

I’m rebranding my venue as Savour Academy, to reflect both the food and wine offerings (follow me on Facebook or Instagram as @savouracademy). Together we can do wine tasting, cooking classes, dining and pairing, cava sabrage and much more.

It’s time to savour the moment in Barcelona so sign up for news and events!

14 Apr

29/04 A Journey in Spanish Wine Tasting!

Thursday 29th April: Due to the return of safely mixed group events, you can join us again for wine tasting events at Savour Academy!

We are excited to bring you a new collaboration with Wine Ambassador Brenda Sanchez. We will delve into wines, so you can learn and enjoy safely in a laid back setting. To comply with COVID restrictions we have a maximum of 6 participants per class, with social distancing measures as standard.
WHAT: A Journey in Spanish Wine Tasting will help you learn about the different wine styles across Spain. This is an Old World wine country rich in history, and grapes! We will taste 5 Spanish wines, accompanied with picapica nibbles.
WHEN: Thursday 29th April, 19h-21h
WHERE: C/Farell 12 bajos, BCN 08014

02 Feb

Book Your Bubble: Yoga & Vegan Sushi Wine Pairing

Tune in to your body, mind and soul with this harmonised yoga and food pairing workshop for private bubble groups. Sinzy from Cooking Nature leads a 45 minute yoga session, then we will replenish with a healthy vegan sushi and wine pairing as we talk about plant-based nutrition and wines.

More Info: 29€ pp (6 person group), 19-21h preferred timing, get in touch to book.

02 Feb

Book Your Bubble: Come To Your Senses! Wine Tasting

This is a blind wine tasting activity for wine enthusiasts and sensory socialites alike. Blind wine tasting helps to hone your sense of smell and perception, in a relaxed setting. How much do you know about wines? After a blindfolded aroma workout we sample five local, ecological or biodynamic wines, to guess the colour, aromas, and grape types, with picapica nibbles.

More Info: Price 29€ pp (4-6 person group), dates and times flexible. Contact me to book.

02 Feb

Book Your Bubble: Gyoza Workshop & Wine Pairing

If you’ve only ever tried gyoza from a menu, you really must attend this workshop! Tien from The Lush Kitchen leads us through three types of gyoza and dumplings, how to make the fillings, shaping the gyoza and rolling dumpling dough. It really is a lot of fun, and tasty food to share with your bubble group at the end. The menu is customisable, and includes three wines to pair with your gyoza feast!

More Info: Gyoza Workshop 39€ pp (6 person group). Weekend lunchtime preferred, get in touch to book!

01 Feb

Book Your Bubble: Tien’s Vietnamese Cooking Class

Who doesn’t love Vietnamese food? What you may not know about this extremely balanced and healthy cuisine is that you can cook it too! Tien is native from Hanoi and she loves to share her recipes passed down through generations of family. We run cooking classes with two or three Vietnamese dishes paired with local Catalan wines. This is a real treat if you simply love Vietanamese food and cooking. Not to be missed!

More Info: Cooking classes from 39-45€ pp (6 person group). Dates and times are flexible. Contact me to book your group!

01 Feb

Mini-Class in a Glass: Online Wine Tasting (via Zoom)

It’s finally here! After a whole pandemic-long debate about how best to run an online wine tasting from home, with curfew etc. I give you my mini-class in a glass! I will deliver a selection of 3 quality, local, Catalan, ecological or biodynamic wines for you to attend your own private wine tasting at home! Join me on Zoom for a virtual vertical tasting of the three wines, with presentation, analysis, and discussion about pairing. Cheers!

More Info: 45€ includes delivery of 3 bottles of wine to be enjoyed in your bubble group (6 persons) with an online presentation and tasting via Zoom. I look forward to it! Preferred timing 21.30h. Contact me to book.

01 Feb

Book Your Bubble: Sea-Aged Wines Tasting by Elixsea

Have you heard of wines that have been aged under the sea? This fantastic presentation for groups explains the concept, with an overview of marine biology and wine ageing, the theory and the practice. We taste two Priorat land-aged wines followed by two of the same wines that have been sea-aged. If you are a fan of Priorat (red) wines, the Mediterranean and learning something new, this is an excellent and indepth experience. Tasting includes 4 wines and picapica tapas to accompany.

More Info: Price 45€ pp (group size 6 persons). Times and dates flexible. Contact me to book!

01 Feb

Book Your Bubble(s): Cava Sabrage Workshop

If 2020 wasn’t the year for Bucket List objectives, then 2021 certainly should be! Cava Sabrage is the perfect group activity for thrills (and spills) if you love cava and adrenaline, and want to wield a sword too. I will talk you through the background and safe technique, before everyone gets their turn to have a blast. Certificate and souvenir included, along with lots of cava and picapica nibbles. What are you waiting for?

More info: Price 29€ pp for groups of 4-6 persons. Times and dates flexible. Contact me to book your bubble!

01 Feb

Weeknight Baking Class (via Zoom) with Quer Bake

If you’ve been trying my quare baking from back home by Quer Bake in Barcelona and you’d like to do it yourself at home, I can now offer you that option via Zoom! Preferably on a weeknight, tell me what you’d like to learn from the Quer Bake menu and I can deliver the ingredients in advance.

More Info: Price from 19€ pp (depending on what we bake), weeknights preferred and your own electric oven! Contact me to book your online session.