26 Feb

28/02 Es Carnaval! Sangria & Tapas Class

Monday 28th February is a public holiday in Spain, and although we still haven’t worked out why, it must be something carnaval-related! In the spirit of mardi gras and dressing up, you are invited to join us for Es Carnaval! Sangria & Tapas Class at the Savour Academy. We will delve into a bit of history on Monday evening, learning, eating and drinking drink our way through Spanish sangria and tapas!

Did you hear the one about the Irish woman and the Welsh woman who created a Sangria & Tapas Class in Barcelona. Wait for it, you’re about the hear the punchline (see what I did there?!)

You’ll prepare 2 different types of Sangria using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Of course you’ll drink what you make! We present tapas with the Sangria. So olives, pan con tomate (we make country style bread with tomato together), cured ham jamon serrano and Spanish manchego cheese. I’ll show you how to make traditional romesco sauce and artichokes as a delicious seasonal dish.

Then we share classic sangria creations with good times and tapas and a little carnaval fun. Book it here!