15 Mar

16/03 Open Coworking with Paella & Wine Tasting

Wednesday 16th March: Yes, it’s finally here everyone, the coworking day pop-up that I’ve been meaning to set up for a long, long time. Savour Academy is such a light and quiet space that anyone who has come in during the day has commented on the nice vibe. I hope to share this with you on Wednesday 16th March as we work, we dine and we wine, all via the Barcelona Open Coworking Community.

So, what is it? A day at Savour Academy where you can literally drop in with your laptop to spend a couple of hours working remotely in a nice, home-from-home environment. Maybe, like me, you get too distracted at home or you’d like the connection in a social work-like space. You will be welcome here as we meet and share hive mind with coffee and tea, maybe some treats thrown in.

At lunchtime I will be show-cooking a paella, and afterwork style, we will have a local wine tasting. If you’d like to come spend your remote-working-day at Savour Academy, please by all means, get in touch!