31 May

09/06 Paleo Nutrition Talk & Taste (Dine & Wine)

The times are changing. Are you in the mood to shift towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle? Then join us for a special paleo evening, to talk and taste with Sinzy, Hofmann-trained chef and the founder of Cooking Nature.

What are the principles of the paleo diet? Well, historically paleo is designed around the nutrition of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Long before processed foods and high-carb meals became the norm in our society. Numerous studies show how this primal way of choosing foods is much better for our bodies. So the paleo diet contributes to healthy weight loss and lower rates of heart disease and diabetes.

MORE INFO: Sinzy will explain the paleo concept in more depth, as we get practical and taste three paleo dishes. We then pair the dishes with ecological, biodynamic wines from Savour Academy. Let your tastebuds guide you to a better way to eat. We promise a very informative, tasty evening in good company, with good wines of course!

Paleo Menu:

  • Starter- Wine 1 with stir-fried eggs, asparagus and peas
  • Main- Wine 2 with salmon, vegetables and avocado
  • Dessert- Wine 3 with baked apple, almond butter and berries

WHERE: Savour Academy // WHEN: Wednesday 9th June, 20h (2 hrs) // COST: 40€ //BOOK: 6 Spots Max! Book Yours.

Want to know more about Sinzy, our chef for the evening? Well, Sînziana Dulamă a Romanian native, is a professional cook, trained at Hofmann Barcelona. She is also a passionate yogi who loves getting into nature. She offers gastronomy classes, catering and tastings in Barcelona and surround. We recently took a botanicals walk and talk at the Jardí Botànic Històric in Montjuïc. During this guided tour, we discovered the abundance of Mediterranean herbs and vegetables in season at the moment. If you want to organise a group outing like this, please contact me!