31 May

08/07 Come to Your Senses! Blind Tasting

Savour Academy is all about teaching the senses. We talk and listen about food and wine, while we hear stories about the pairings. You can smell the aromas and feel the textures of both the food and the wines. We also see the dishes, how they are displayed and how the wine looks. Wait, what if we took away the last part about seeing? That’s what makes blind wine tasting such a sensorial experience. You hear, you feel, you taste, but you need to decide, in the dark!

So, What is Blind Tasting?

You may have heard of blind wine tasting before. This is when the wine tasters are kept unaware of the type or identity of the wine. Sometimes this means that the bottle is disguised, but the wine taster still gets to see the wine in the glass. Using factors such as colour, transparency and body, it is possible for a wine enthusiast to ascertain certain grape varietals in a wine. During a blind tasting at Savour Academy you are blindfolded, so you can guess what you can’t see!

MORE INFO: During the activity we will use a sommelier’s aroma kit alongside some natural, fruit and herb aromas, to open your ofactory senses. Then we will smell our way through 5 quality local wines that are mainly monovarietals. We pair the wines with light, tapas style snacks (please contact me if you have food preferences). This tasting is really fun, whether you are a complete wine beginner, a wine enthusiast or you consider yourself a wine pro! Sensory thrills come guaranteed!

WHERE: Savour Academy // WHEN: Thursday 8th July 19.30h (2 hrs) // COST: 25€ // BOOK: 8 Spots max. Book Yours.

And finally, a bit about our co-host. This blind wine tasting event is running in collaboration with Bennetta, who hosts fun and interactive group events via Internations. You may have met Bennetta during our Gin & Cocktails Workshop or Cava Sabrage event at Savour Academy in previous sessions.