28 Jun

16/07 Savour Sri Lankan Dinner Pairing

You might remember our last Sri Lankan Dinner Pairing at Savour Academy. It seems like a lifetime ago, so we are joining forces again with Ceylon Affairs! You can join us on Friday 16th July for this Sri Lankan dinner experience that is unique in Barcelona. And here’s why:

How is Sri Lankan Food Different from Indian?

Different to mainland Indian cuisine, traditional Sri Lankan recipes have an “island” style. That means that, apart from all the tantalising spices associated with Indian food, you also get an abundance of coconut and chilli. Sri Lankan cooking also tends to use more fish and seafood in the dishes.

Gimi is our Sri Lankan homechef for the evening. Based in Barcelona, she shares a passion for her native cuisine through Ceylon Affairs. You are invited to an intimate, exciting evening to explore the flavours of Sri Lanka with us!

Sri Lankan Pairing Menu

After a cava welcome reception, we will present and pair three dishes with wines at the Savour Academy table.

  1. Wine 1 with Sri Lankan Coconut Roti topped with Seeni Sambol and blue cheese
  2. Wine 2 with traditional Turmeric yellow rice, served with fresh papadums and the following curries:
    • Wambotu “Moju” (Sweet and tangy pickled eggplant relish)
    • “Kaju Maluwa” (Creamy Cashew and pea curry)
    • Kale and Coconut Sambol (Coconut prawn curry)
  3. Wine 3 with Tangy Lemon Mousse and seasonal berries

Event Info

  • WHEN: Friday 16th July, 20.30h-23h
  • WHERE: Savour Academy, C/Farell 12 bajos
  • COST: 35€ includes presentation and tasting of three Sri Lankan dishes and three wines
  • BOOK: 10 spots maximum at the table. Book yours to avoid disappointment!

Are you interested in booking this type of event for your own private group? At Savour Academy we can plan your event together. Contact me for all the options for wine tastings and pairings, cooking classes and fun, sustainable events.