Build a Charcuterie Cheese Board

A Catalan Cuisine Class with No Cooking Required

Charcuterie and cheese boards and also plant-based food boards are making a comeback. Are you the type of foodie that can’t or doesn’t cook? Then this is the perfect no-cooking cooking class for you!

At Savour Academy there are several cooking workshops available, but this is the first of its kind. Get to know local Catalan produce while you create a stunning charcuterie cheese board using fresh, seasonal and gourmet ingredients. This is a creative gastronomy class with no cooking required.

I’ll explain how to select wines to pair with our finished creation. Then we enjoy our charcuterie cheese board together (it is enough as a meal) in good company, with stories of Barcelona and good wines of course! So why not learn a new skill that you can use all year round; for your next picnic, a romantic occasion or as a dinner party favourite.

Price: From 49€ per person. Itinerary 2hrs. Minimum 2 persons. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. Please contact me to book Build a Charcuterie Cheese Board & Wine Pairing!